Moon in Aries

May 17, 2020

Todays Lunar Guidance For Moon Into Aries


Luna is moves through the last degrees of Pisces without forming any major aspects until Aries at 11.35pm Melbourne, Australian time, Sunday 17th of May, so this is a day for entering The Dreaming!


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The veils are thinning between the worlds which is why more people are awakening to a multi-dimensional perception and we’re seeing more films featuring beings from the other realms, such as the fey (old folk known as faeries), dragons and the development of subtle senses (magical / superhuman gifts).


We’re also seeing an increased amount of inter-dimensional travel across several genres including adventure, documentary, sci-fi & family films…with characters travelling through vortices of light through the inner realms rather than via craft in the dense realm of the 3D physical reality.


Those in the other realms are calling to us to wake up & realise there is more to life than what we can perceive through our 5 earthly senses & rational mind. For the unconscious behaviour on our planet meant they had to retreat beyond the veil – a pattern of behaviour which is unsustainable, so now they are doing what they can to help us wake up to avert further destruction.



To perceive them requires going into the stillness within – a perfect thing to do during a void moon in Pisces (to Aries), the most mystical of all the signs. I find it easiest to travel inwardly by visualising with my mind’s eye a wheel of coloured light within one of my chakras (which is a vortex / stargate) then taking my awareness into a vortex of light which extends into the cosmos within from that chakra….& see where it takes you.



This requires a sense of wonder and adventure to transcend the commentary of the rational mind that is imprisoned in a finite perspective of duality. This is why Einstein is often quoted as valuing imagination over knowledge.



There is only one rule: always retrace your steps & journey back the same way you went out to avoid leaving soul fragments between the worlds. The more who awaken to see themselves as galactic citizens, the less people will quibble over distractions like politics & sport, which the media perpetuates. There is a much bigger picture & we need 51% of people to remember who they are to create a tipping point to awaken the rest if we are to fulfil our highest destiny to create Heaven on Earth…which is entirely possible now we are in the light frequency of the photon belt with people waking up at a rapid rate. 


Moving through the constellation of Pisces means we’ve been around the wheel of all experiences (symbolised by the last astrological sign on the mandala of the zodiac) so we are humbled enough to consider life may not be what it seems.


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Blessings on your day,






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