Today’s Lunar Guidance For Moon In Aries 


Moon is waning in Aries so the fog of Pisces will clear & have you feeling motivated to get things done.



Aries is a fire sign so our anger may pique as Luna moves through this sign, regardless of our star sign. Especially if our inner child’s wounds get triggered as Aries is the sign of the child.



So if you notice yourself getting prickly with those around you or hot under the collar, take a moment to check in with yourself & acknowledge what sadness is sitting beneath your indignation.



Anger often surfaces when we fear our needs won’t be met. It’s a protective reaction to protect our vulnerability. However, if we access the inner parent to acknowledge the cause of our vulnerability we can calmly speak our request with dissonant energy and we’ll have more chance fo being heard add accommodated with compassion.



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Blessings to your day,