Todays Lunar Guidance For Moon In Aries 


Moon is waning in Aries so try to be mindful of not picking a fight just to prove that you exist, you have your own ideas & that you matter.


When Luna moves through Aries, we can feel impatient with those around us – this can stem from a fear that if we can’t see the results we want now that they won’t happen. 


Moon in Aries can be a testing time for relationships as this is also a sign that urges us to consider our individuality & independence, so we may unwittingly hurt those closest to us in our need to stake our claim as a sovereign being.



This is especially so if we feel suffocated by co-dependent dynamics, causing us to rebel by expressing our frustrations like a child then feeling remorse for our reckless actions. 


Aries lunar transits amplify our childhood wounds, so before you shoot the messenger be sure to ask, ‘where & how have I felt this before?’ So you can acknowledge the degree to which your reaction is based upon past hurts rather than just an isolated incident in the present.


This is a great day to burn off some steam through physical exercise…this will reduce the chance of reckless / destructive behaviour. If your inner child does behave badly, be sure to recognise this as a call for help rather than shaming or punishing yourself.


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Blessings on your day,