Moon is now in Aries for the next couple of days & with the lunar light waning that could create conflict if you push
the need to have things done your way.

Those of you with a lot of Aries in our chart, particularly a natal Aries moon will be extra sensitive to this influence.
(To find out if your natal moon is Aries you can go to & put in your birth time & location to get a free chart).

If you have boys or young men in your household, be sure to give them ample opportunity to let off some steam
through sports or rough play so the Mars driven emotional energy doesn’t erupt into needless conflict.

Do use this energy to get things done especially as the solar light waxes to midday, allow yourself opportunity to rest in the afternoon & evening where possible.

For those of you who journeyed to the bottom of the well over the past couple of days in Pisces, processing the
transformative challenge of this lunar month, this burst of fire may well give you the impetus to soar out of the Underworld like the phoenix!

Blessings on your day,

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