The moon moves into Cancer today so you may feel like cancelling all your plans to nestle up in your coziest spot & eat comfort foods & watch something nostalgic or sentimental.

This is because a lunar transit Cancer brings our need for emotional security to the fore, regardless of our birth sign. So it makes sense if we’re feeling more soft & squishy than usual that we seek the protection of a secure shell like a crab, the symbol of Cancer.

This is also a particularly good time to commune with your plants, which often act as a barometer for our own level of self care. In other words, if you have a few weeds & dead plants in pot plants that have long given up sending you telepathic messages to water them, chances are you’ve also been too stretched attending to everyone & everything else in your world to nurture yourself.

So…consider first of all, ripping out your ‘garden of neglect’ as a private ritual that puts an end to that chapter. Then select some hardy plants such as geraniums & peace lilies& a few herbs that will give back to you with aroma & taste for your efforts & plant yourself a manageable ‘garden of love’. View watering time as a meditative practice rather than a chore. Value it as a much needed chance to stop &…- reconnect with the natural world- give your arms, neck shoulders a stretch from sitting at a computer or steering wheel- relax your mind from multi-tasking- & your energy field some negative ions to cleanse the electro magnetic pollution of our modern high tech lives- communion with the elementals.

Blessings on your day,


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