Moon in Cancer

Sep 20, 2022

Today’s Lunar Guidance for Moon in Cancer

Today is likely to feel very internal with the Moon waning in Cancer during the final week of the lunar month. If you feel irritable, try and spend half an hour journaling to connect with and process your feelings.

This will help acknowledge what you need to let go of for more growth to occur. For such a deep lunar transit through Cancer, the sign of the mother reminds us we need a balance of creating and releasing. 

Life is a constant process of letting go so new growth can occur.
Now, is an optimal time to reconnect with the cycles of nature. The more aware we are of the lunar, solar and seasonal wheels and their effect on us, the easier we move through our own cycles of growth and can nurture the growth of ourselves and others. 

So consider journalling how you feel about your own growth and the growth of those closest to you. 

For example, do you feel as if you’re holding back from expanding your horizons for fear of leaving your comfort zone? 

Are you fearful of your children no longer needing you as they move to the next stage of their development? 

Do you need to empower your teenagers to be less dependent and show more initiative? 

Do you need a rite of passage ceremony to embrace your own ageing process? 

Like anything, mothering is a balance. We may have been mothered in one of two extremes: smothered – suffocated and micro- managed with our personal boundaries overridden causing us to not honour the boundaries of others and doubt our own decision making abilities. 

Or we may have been under-mothered – feeling unsupported in our personal development and life transitions, seldom touched or held and felt more of the support person to our mother. 

Both foundations create legacies that we learn to correct over time, as we become more self-aware. 

Today is a good day for going deep – into your own psyche to increase your own self-awareness, through quiet contemplation, meditation or journalling. 

So try and gift yourself whatever time you can to acknowledge the endings and transitions required for the cycle of life to be fully embraced in your life. For us to age gracefully we need to acknowledge every shade in the great cycle.

Blessings on your day,



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