Today the moon is in Cancer so you may feel more empathic than usual. Empathy is a sign of emotionally intelligence. It is when we have the developed the ability to attune to the heart of another so completely, we feel their emotional pain as if it were our own.

Whilst this is a great gift to nurture, as it enables us to be better parents, great lovers, healing midwives to friends & members of our community it can also be personally debilitating if we don’t ensure we maintain strong energetic boundaries. So if you experience a wave of intense emotion today. Ask, is this mine or am I expressing someone else’s pain? If it doesn’t feel like yours, simply state, ‘I cut & clear from everyone else’s emotional states.’ If the emotion is not truly yours, it will stop. This simple technique will free you up from feeling mood swings, emotional comfort eating & needing to isolate yourself from others to avoid feeling drained emotionally

Blessings on your day


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