Moon in Cancer

Oct 16, 2022

Today’s Lunar Guidance for Moon in Cancer

Moon has now moved into Cancer, so don’t be surprised if you want to stay super comfy today with soft clothes, time at home and nurturing foods and drinks. 

Cancer is the sign of the Moon Mother – one who holds a space for us to feel truly seen, heard, accepted and understood so we can process our feelings and emotions. The more we have this in our lives, the more balanced we are emotionally. The the more calm we feel, we’re able to deal with the emotional high’s and low’s of others with patience and compassion. 

Usually, one person in a family or workplace does this more for everyone else…if that is you, it’s vital you also have a regular time and place where you are afforded the same support or your own nervous system will show greater wear and tear. 

Traditionally, this is what women do for others and because it isn’t physical it can’t be measured, so people can take it for granted and devalue the real contribution given. Sometime men can have a very strong mother archetype if they identified more with their Mums growing up (common if their Dads were distant or abusive). 

Cancer rules community – communion with others which gifts us a deep sense that we belong. This is a foundation human need. The more we feel we belong for who we truly are (not for what we do), the happier we are. (In Denmark where there are more people living in intentional communities they also have the highest stats for personal happiness per capita.) 

If you’re not living in a residential community, consider how you can give yourself a hit of community on a regular basis. 

– Get to know your neighbours and share chores and resources to make life easier 

– Have community dinners 

– Start a monthly gathering, such as a Red Tent gathering for the women at new moon and a men’s gathering each month when the sun moves into a new sign. 

Just as it takes a village to raise a child, we continue to need the input of a community if we are to feel truly nourished on all levels by all types of love – from elders, babies, children, sisters and brothers. Then we don’t unconsciously expect one person to meet all our needs and resent them when they don’t.


Blessings on your day,


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