Moon in Cancer

Jan 8, 2023

Today’s Lunar Guidance for Moon in Cancer. 

The moon is in her final degrees in Cancer and will be void from 9.20am to 1.40pm Sydney time when she makes her move to Leo at 1.41pm.  

(A void moon is when the moon is moving through the final degrees of a sign and without making any aspects to other planets.) 

(To see that in your local time, click here

Moon in Cancer can see us wanting to reconnect with family members, especially those far away by phone or Skype. 

In my Inner Goddess retreat in Bali, when we journeyed through the archetype of the inner mother who governs the heart chakra, I asked the women to get into groups and pool their collective ideas to create ways they can give themselves a regular experience of community to support them to feel held and give them a sense of belonging to something greater.  

I hope you find this list helpful in ensuring you get your need for community met, in the year ahead: 

– monthly Red Tent women’s circles (craft and dream circles were also recommended and both of these were traditionally done in the Red Tent. As were spa days – pampering each other in the Red Tent is also encouraged.)  

– adopt a grandparent (such as an elderly neighbour)  

– create a babysitting group  

– emergency phone list of friends  

– pot luck dinners  

– walking groups  

– have days where all the Mums go out and the kids get bonding time with their other parent, grandparent, aunt, uncle or trusted friend (these are ideal on school time – take the day off from your regular routine to bond with your Mum friends) 

– Global Healing Meditation (see my YouTube for past recordings of these)  

– belly dance basses and dance meditation  

– art circles / classes  

– cooking days such as creating sauce-making days or berry-picking  

– clothes swaps  

– writers group to share your penned thoughts  

– do shared fund-raisers for charity  

– meetup groups (Google that in your area via hobbies)  

– business networking and co-mentoring breakfasts  

– communal yard sales  

– buy food together in bulk  

– barter with your friends and neighbours  

– car pooling  

– open mic nights or karaoke  

– games nights  

– backyard cinema with friends and neighbours  

 Doesn’t that sound like a lovely year ahead? 

 Blessings on your day,  




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