The moon is ingressing into Cancer This is likely to have us feeling like homebodies until that
shift, so don’t push yourself to go out unless it’s absolutely necessary. Why?

Home is where we regenerate & centre ourselves, distilling our essence & personal power. If we don’t get enough
quality time at home we end up feeling scattered & unable to know our own heart. Spending time at home helps us to come home to our heart…to remember what’s most important to us & value it by investing quality time with
those closest to our hearts or doing what helps us to feel most connected to who we really are inside.

In our hectic modern world we often need to give ourselves permission to not always be on & available to the outside world. We can do that by:

– refusing to have any devices anywhere near shared meals (that includes photographing your dinner)
– not checking your phone when you’re spending time with a friend or loved one
– turning off all digital notifications so you only check messages when it suits you
– unplugging from all technology one night a week (I schedule weekend posts for this reason)

This is especially important in the changing seasons when we can forget to slow down & breathe. A shared home-cooked meal may be just the thing to do that.

Blessings on your day,