Luna is now in Cancer & her light is diminishing. So be gentle on yourself & those around you. When the moon
moves through Cancer, our emotional sensitivities are heightened, regardless of our sign.

So you may feel like cancelling scheduled activities & crawling into your shell like the Cancerian crab…if you do,
don’t beat up on yourself. If the moon can move tides, she can certainly affect your moods. So if you’re struggling to put yourself out there today – don’t fight it, allow yourself to feel the way you feel & bring your energy field in to conserve your energy. (You can do this by visualizing your energy field minimizing so it’s close to your skin then spiraling pink light around you like a cocoon of unconditional love.)

This is also a good time for drawing closer to our loved ones, expressing our soul to them & really allowing
ourselves to feel whatever needs to surface without judgement. So much of what we do is an elaborate ruse to distract ourselves from feeling. For if we’ve grown up feeling like we weren’t truly held when we expressed our
vulnerabilities we can unconsciously use substances to help us ‘hold it all together’ rather than letting ourselves soften & feel. If we do this habitually we become emotionally unavailable then wonder why this is what we attract in those around us.

When we allow ourselves to feel we don’t need to self soothe with food & substances. We also don’t need to hide from ourselves & our feelings by escaping into films or books. So celebrate all that you feel, it is a sign that you are truly human & therefore able to give & receive love.

Blessings on your day,