Moon is now waxing in Cancer, so this can make our digestion a bit sensitive, especially if we feel upset emotionally. So consider eating bitter salad greens, fruits rich in digestive enzymes like paw paw or pineapple or taking digestive enzymes as a supplement if your tum is a bit out of whack.

When the moon moves through Cancer we tend to feel extra sensitive about our home situation, as our need for emotional security is heightened. This leads the wounded inner child to seek out extra reassurance and nurturing through unconscious behaviors like whining, being clingy, moody or manifesting illness or pain to get attention. If this maternal attention isn’t forthcoming, feelings can be bruised more easily than usual.

So this is a window to really top up your self-care with nourishing food, adequate rest & sleep & ensure you identify your own needs and take personal responsibility for meeting them.

If your self-care has run low, invest more heavily with a professional massage or a long bath.

Teach your kids directly how to self-soothe in healthy ways & lead by example with self-honouring choices so they see what self-care looks like. We have an epidemic of adult children staying at home longer & being over-parented. This serves no one & creates an expectation of entitlement & burn out for those doing the nurturing. So this may be a time when you feel anger towards those who are big enough to do for themselves but instead expect others to do for them. So don’t just get angry, take positive action by empowering them with the skills & responsibilities to look after their own needs & contribute.

When our ‘inner mother’ is taking good care of us, we minimize our dependance on others decreasing unconscious hopes they will mother us through unconscious behaviors which ultimately cause us self-harm.

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