Moon is almost void (not forming any major aspects) as she makes her way from Cancer to Leo. So, try to take it easy & not instigate anything new if you can avoid it or make any major decisions which you may later live to regret.

So as she gets closer to Leo we are likely to feel more confident if we’ve been experiencing any self-doubts or vulnerabilities over the past few days as she moved through the sign of Cancer.

You may wish to plan something romantic to end your weekend – since Leo is the most expressive of all the signs & grand shows of affection will be most well received!

If you are not sharing your life with someone at present, you may like to snuggle up with a great romance in literature or cinema. Alternatively, this is a great time for creative self-expression so put on your fave music & draw, paint, dance or cook!

Blessings on your day,


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