Moon is now waxing in Cancer, making this the time when community is highlighted in our lives.

As we journey towards full moon in the opposite sign of Capricorn in this lunar month, we are urged to take responsibility for ourselves, it is equally important we don’t try to weather everything on our own or life will feel like one unending struggle.

Community is one of the most important teachings of the constellation of Cancer, which is governed by the illumination of Grandmother Moon. So it was that the grandmothers taught that our true wealth is found in our circle of friends & family.

Our inner circle holds us through our life transitions like a basket of woven intentions formed over many years, reminding us of our strength when we feel like a basket case! Around that are the concentric circles of our greater community that ripple out through degrees of separation, extending to every member of our global family. This is why one of the sacred symbols for Gaia (Mother Earth), is three concentric circles. For it is when we have the support of a strong circle in our lives, that our growth is accelerated.

Community knits our collective gifts so we are equally strong, dispelling the need for competition. So treasure the threads you have woven around yourself today, knowing were it to unravel, your nerves would fray along with it.

Blessings on your day,


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