The moon is still in the water sign, Cancer so be sure to keep your water intake up to support you feeling less crabby which can easily occur when the moon moves through this sign. Why?

All the water signs heighten our sensitivity, so when the moon transits through a water sign we are more easily irritated by small things.

It makes sense that since our bodies are comprised of more than 70% water, if we don’t maintain our water levels we don’t function as efficiently which then impacts how we feel. 

Make a Moon Elixir:

While the moon is in the sign it rules you may wish to make a moon elixir by putting some spring / filtered water in a glass bottle under the moon with a moon stone crystal in it for one night then sip on it the next day to help balance your emotions and heighten your intuition.

Rolling in the Deep…

Moon in Cancer offers us a great window for emotional healing so if it’s been a while since you had a good cleansing cry, consider watching a drama that will put you in your heart and shed a tear or everyday people pouring their hearts out in song on talent show auditions on You Tube and how people respond.

Alternatively, this is a therapeutic window to schedule an energy healing session or make love (to yourself or with a partner) with the specific intent to release any sadness being held within.

Cancer moon is time to be gentle, quiet and regroup with those closest to you. It is when feelings run deep making it advisable to share the company of those you discern are deepest respectful of vulnerability.

Blessings on your day,


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