Happy New Moon in Cancer. This energy is likely to magnify any issues on the home-front which need to be addressed for highest growth to occur.

If we don’t address the dynamics that undermine the fullest growth of ourselves & our loved ones, these unconscious dynamics will corrode the foundations of love & trust, in which growth blooms just like the disease by the same name.

So today may challenge your sense of security, especially emotionally. So be sure to focus on the lesson rather than the story if you want the best outcome.

New moon in Cancer is the optimal time to seed intentions for improvements on the home-front – whether that’s finding the perfect new home for you or welcoming in a positive change in the inhabitants or physical renovations to your home & garden. So do take a few moments to visualize with gratitude or write down your loving intent, then surrender it to Highest Will.

In addition to seeding personal intentions, new moon is also the optimal time to focus on global healing intentions.

Global Healing Intent For New Moon in Cancer

New Moon is the most potent time to seed an intent, so this is an invitation to join the galactic wave of intentional healing this new moon for the greater good.

The optimal time to do this intent is exact new moon, if you miss the exact time, then within the first 8 hours after that time is still potent.


You can do this wherever you are, on your own or with others. You may wish to invite friends to gather in your home or organize a circle at your local hall or healing center. For those of you gathering in Red Tent women’s circles, invite the women to focus on this intent.

Step One: Visualize or sense the Unity Grid around Gaia (Mother Earth).

Step Two: In your minds eye, visualize the infinity sign (a figure 8 on it’s side) running green light through the heart of the World Soul. This will help balance giving to self & others in equal measure in all who dwell within the Earth.

Feel free to share & spread the love to grow our collective healing wave! To read more about the energies & lessons this new moon visit: https://themoonwoman.com/astro-forecast/

Blessings, Tanishka


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