Moon is still waning in Cancer which highlights our role as mothers, grandmothers & the carers & nurturers – regardless of whether one has physical children of their own.

As we approach new moon, our energy is low & lessening so be sure to increase your self-care & empower those around you to share the load.

Since Cancer is a water sign we can also feel more emotional about the current state of the world & especially the plight of children. In fact, the more we awaken the archetype of the inner mother, the more we open our heart to all children being ours & feeling care & concern for them. This can cause us to feel collective grief unless we take proactive action.

So if you’re feeling concerned for the children of the world who spend less time in nature than ever before, who spend more time on screens that doing creative play, who are fed violent & sexualized images through video clips & the media or are concerned for girls playing with aspiration dolls who look like sex workers…know you are not alone.

Personally, I feel the best response is creative solutions to create a new way forward…growing grassroots movements which we can see generate positive change in our own community.

Blessings on your day,


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