Moon is now waning in Cancer, so this is a day for sorting things out on the home front & taking care of your personal needs.

Cancer moon often brings out our soft & squishy side, so be mindful of not exposing yourself to harsh, abrasive energies today as you may find they affect you more than usual.

If you can’t avoid going into an environment with lots of scattered energies, constant advertising making demands on your psyche or being around those ‘who know not what they do’ you can use creative visualization to place yourself in an orb of violet flames around you which will transmute any imposing / dense energies.

This simple but effective energy technique will really help contain your personal energy field so you don’t get frazzled energetically which can result in headaches & exhaustion.

The more we caretake our own energy field, the more we can remain centered in the storm & remain in our heart, so we’re truly available to ourselves & those in our care.

Blessings on your day,


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