Moon is still waning in Cancer so if you can, try & spend as much time as you can at home today, as this will help you replenish & center yourself.

Cancer lunar transits can really accentuate our empathic heart, so do enjoy merging into shared states of emotional connection with others, but be sure to then ‘cut & clear’ afterwards so you’re not taking on the emotional states of others.

To do this simply visualize the person or situation you are cutting from & state in your thoughts, ‘I cut & clear from …..’

This in no way cuts a person out of your life, it simply defines your own energetic boundaries so the emotions you feel are yours & yours alone.

Many people don’t even realize when they take on other people’s stuff which usually takes the form of constantly worrying about that person or situation, which in no way assists anyone.

Being empathic is beautiful, it means we have opened our higher heart & have the capacity to feel compassion for all, however it does require awareness so we can take full responsibility for care-taking the needs of our own emotional body, otherwise we end up feeling overwhelmed & seeking relief in the form of comfort eating or other substances.

Blessings on your day,


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