The moon has now moved into Cancer so this is a good time to spend some quality time at ‘home sweet home’ & comfy your nest.

Spending time at home helps restore us on every level. So if you’ve been super-busy, spending time hanging out at home could be just the healing balm for you!

The saying ‘home is where the heart is’ is literally true. Not only is it where we keep all that is closest to our heart but it’s where the inner mother is cultivated & evoked. So just by spending time at home, we’re more likely to tend to our needs. Whereas when we tear around town, afraid we’ll miss out on something (like a child avoiding bedtime) we often burn the candle at both ends & end up burning out.

So see what time you can free up to spend at home over the next day or two – whether you spend it catching up on some rest & relaxation, tidying & beautifying ( so your home uplifts you when you walk in the door), cooking or sharing a nurturing meal or tending to the chores that support your week to run smoothly…the time you invest on the home front, will ensure you feel deeply cared for – a special gift which enables you to relax & stay in your heart…

Blessings on your day,


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