Moon is still waning in Cancer, so some may feel a sensitivity around the need to belong.

For instance, you may feel nostalgic about memories of family members who you only see sporadically or you may feel upset if you perceive yourself to be ‘on the outer’ of your family or social group.

This is because moon in Cancer can stir up our emotional sensitivities, so we act out in our need for additional reassurance we are loved. So if someone seems clingy or prickly today, this could be a sign they are struggling with a deep need for greater emotional security – even if they don’t consciously realise it.

This is a great day for reminding yourself of all the ways in which people show their love for you & all the ways in which you are part of something greater than yourself.

Since we are in a time of major transition on the planet both personally & collectively, it is important to not get caught up on that needing to look a certain way, such as the happy nuclear family we see in toothpaste commercials.

We all belong – to those we see in our daily lives & everything we do impacts those around us, in ways we will never know.

Consider sending a blessing out today to the people who touch your life in positive ways.



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