The moon has now moved into Cancer, the sign ruled by the moon. So don’t make plans unless they’re centred around the home front or catching up with family as you’ll probably feel like staying in for a home cooked meal, doing home improvements, enjoying some snuggle time with your fluffiest blanket or furry friend or pottering in the garden.

We can feel a tad looney when the moon moves through Cancer, regardless of our personal chart but often magnified for those with their natal moon in Cancer. However since the moon is waning we’re more likely to feel inward & moody rather than wearing lampshades.

Cancer moon can also bring out clinginess & neediness in those who haven’t developed their own emotional centre so if you notice these tendencies in yourself or a loved one, resist enabling by babying them but instead reassure them they are the source of love itself & encourage them to see their own light. Dependency is not love. It’s a sign of emotional immaturity – acceptable in children but not appropriate in adults, despite most songs on the commercial airwaves still touting this as romance.

So wrap yourself, be kind, nest & have a lovely day.



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