The moon is still waning in Cancer.

Cancer is a water sign. Cancer is the sign which evokes the archetypal mother, known as Demeter to the Greeks & Ceres, the Goddess of grain & cereals to the Romans.

She is the aspect who ensures we take care of our needs.

She resides in our heart.

So when we take care of our needs on a regular basis we stay centred in the heart, the central energy centre.

Whereas, if we neglect our needs we become unbalanced and experience mood swings.

Demeter is governed by her feelings. They inform her of her needs.

In the patriarchal culture, we’ve been taught to shut down our feelings so we don’t appear weak. (Such has been the prejudice towards feminine qualities.)

This only leads to emotional imbalance which is unsustainable for all relationships.

When the moon moves through this sign we simply can’t avoid feeling our feelings.

So if you’ve been extra whiney, chances are your inner Mother is signalling you’ve been short-changing yourself & your needs…so make it a priority to heap yourself some tender lovin’ care.

Blessings on your day,


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