Moon is void as she moves through the final degrees of Gemini and into Cancer today.

Cancer is the sign which rules the moon & we’re within 3 days of the full moon so if you feel a bit looney over the coming days – that’s why.

Looniness is often seen as madness or stupidity – it is not. The dictionary defines ‘a loon’ as a silly or foolish person. Loons are those committed to gifting the world with acts of nonsense. Yes, blessed are the loons – for foolishness is needed in a world that takes itself too seriously.

Legendary loons who children adopt as bedtime favourites, such as Dr Suess help us forget our troubles at the end of the day & let us not forget the comedic stylings of Rowan Atkinson & the creative teams of Monty Python, Ab Fab, Kath & Kim who broke societal taboos & maybe a pelvic floor or two. There is great freedom in lunacy – allowing one’s lunar nature to revel.

So do look for opportunities to grant yourself permission to be a loon today. This is one of the suggestions I make in my book, ‘The 28 Day Happy Challenge’ inviting your entire work crew to join you in an act of silliness in your lunch hour – to spread a bit more of the good stuff around. If you’re interested in finding out more go to– a great not-for-profit project the whole family will enjoy & all profits rehabilitate those who have survived human trafficking!

Blessings on your day,


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