Moon is still in Cancer today, so this is a day to really feel what’s in your heart. It’s only by attuning to the feeling in our heart that we connect with our deepest knowing.

So if you’ve revisited some of your old fear-based stories during the past week, you may have found the intensity so overwhelming you were tempted to alleviate the pressure with escapist pursuits.

Today is a day to enfold that frightened part of self who creates mania, worry & drama today & invite them to return to the gentle understanding that all is well.

We forget this when we get caught up in the prism of thought. In that place it is all to easy to justify our crazy making behaviour with self-imposed stories which seem more real the more we tell ourselves they are true. This is the headspace of perpetual challenge, suffering & martyrdom.

So don’t forget to come home – to visit more often by placing your hand on your heart & entering within.

Blessings on your day,


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