Moon is now void as she make her way into Cancer.

Cancer governs digestion so if there’s any unresolved situations in your life which you haven’t been able to stomach emotionally, you may find your tum is more intolerant to food allergens than usual when the moon moves through this sign.

If you’ve been experiencing tightness in your solar plexus or abdomen, journal or talk to a friend about what’s eating you away inside…then take a warm bath to relax.

Cancer evokes our ‘inner mother’. So if you notice yourself craving comfort foods or getting sick to sound the alert that nurturance has been lacking, this is the time to ask your inner child directly what it needs.

To do that, close your eyes & visualise yourself at an age that intuitively pops into your head or gaze into the eyes of your younger self in a photo. Then have a telepathic chat, asking what they need & allowing them to show your through visualisation or inspired thoughts. It may be as simple as more ‘me’ time, play or rest.

Addressing our inner child’s needs directly can save a heap of energy in needless drama.

Blessings on your day,


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