The moon is now moving through the last degrees of Gemini & will arrive in Cancer later today.

So…do be mindful of completing tasks as moon in Gemini can cause us to be so distracted that we don’t honour our word by honouring our commitments. To avoid letting yourself or others down, only promise what you feel is realistic given your timeframe rather than trying to win favour with others & then not delivering.

The shift into Cancer will see many of us preferring to hang out at home rather than leave the nest. Why?

Cancer is the homebody & nurturer of all the signs. So think about projects on the home front you could do to feather your nest & make it feel more homely…such as:

– hanging pictures
– planting flowers
– lighting a fire
– burning essential oils
– cleaning out the pantry
– or buying new towels.

For the more love we invest in our home, the more held & loved we feel whenever we spend time there.

Those who don’t this unconsciously seek nurturance outside of themselves. (A note to those guys who have a stark industrial themed bachelor pad, it screams ‘Mother Me’ if you don’t even own a pot plant. This also applies to women who have disowned their ‘inner mother’ in an effort to rebel against gender roles & their own mother.)

Blessings on your day,


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