Extra hugs all round today!

Moon’s still in the sign of Cancer, so your kids may be more clingy, your partner more sensitive to your words & you just may want to feel held, truly held – emotionally, energetically, psychologically & physically.

(A good day to top up on Rescue Remedy if you’ve run dry.)

If this is not possible, gift yourself a moment to feel held by the presence of Mother Nature, your ancestors on the other side of the veil or your cat / dog / teddy / blanky or pillow…or truly show up for yourself by putting on some music & dancing in your own arms in the lounge room when no one’s around.

On the upside…this is a great time to birth something.

Attune to the cosmos within & allow it to make itself manifest through you as a continual expression of in-spiration – meaning, ‘in Spirit’. For we are each children of the limitless cosmos on an eternal adventure so what’s not to feel awed about?

Blessings on your day,


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