The moon is still in Cancer. So regardless of your personal horoscope, today will go much smoother if you heed the lessons of this sign which is now affecting our collective psyche.

One of the major lessons of Cancer is to not live in the past…otherwise we risk not being fully available to the gifts being offered in our present moment.

We can do this if we haven’t taken the time to fully process our past experiences. So how do we do that?

– Through a practice of journalling your month’s experiences during the final week of the lunar month
– Going to a regular dance meditation to enact your soul’s recent journey on the dance floor to release pent up emotions & access greater insight
– Seeing a counsellor to debrief from situations which caused stress & reframe negative experiences in a positive light
– Keeping a gratitude diary & writing down what you learned at the end of each day
– Going to a Red Tent / Brotherhood Lodge circle every new moon to share our month’s journey & access insight through oracle & listening to other’s who reflect your lesson.

If you don’t prioritise time & space to process your past, remember:

That which is unresolved from our past we are destined to repeat.

That which is unresolved from our past we will unconsciously try to compensate for, creating dysfunctional patterns of behaviour.

That which is unresolved from our past will cloud our decisions.

That which is unresolved from our past keeps us in a state of heightened emotional reactivity. How? Anything which triggers similar feelings results in us feeling the emotional response from both the past & present situation simultaneously.

Honour your past by learning from it.

Blessings on your day,


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