The moon is moving through the last degrees of Cancer today.

One of the lessons those with a lot of Cancer in their birth chart face is an inability to individuate from their family. Why?

The need for self-preservation is at the core of their being – so they like to know they have the protection of their kin, like a crab shell they can hide in if they feel threatened.

This is why Cancerians are the most reluctant to leave their parental home & why they tend to surround themselves with possessions as if building a fort around themselves.

So even if we don’t have much Cancer in our birth chart (or lot of planets in your 4th house which is ruled by Cancer) when the moon moves through this sign we can seek out a comfy & cosy place to hide away in!

Ultimately we’re seeking safety, especially somewhere emotionally safe. That being, somewhere we won’t be shamed for being emotionally sensitive.

So with that in mind, you may feel a bit squishy & if you do, honour yourself by not exposing yourself to the company of those who aren’t comfortable with their emotions, let alone anyone else’s.

Blessings on your day,


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