Moon is still waning in Cancer so today’s word is ‘nurture’ with a capital ‘N’ 🙂

So it’s really important to up your self-care to assist in maintaining emotional calm throughout this window between eclipses. Since Cancer is the sign of the ‘inner mother’ this is a call to get to bed early, have a bath, take magnesium to soothe your nervous system, eat well and regularly, drink enough water with added lemon juice for absorption, speak only nice words about yourself, dress yourself with love, stretch and walk in mother nature to feel her ongoing acceptance and support.

We could have a tendency for emotional outbursts. If this does happen, it is natural to also feel shame since we have been conditioned to view emotions as a sign of weakness which have been considered socially unacceptable. As a result we can fear emotional outbursts. However, it is not the emotion that is a problem…it is thoughts of shame and guilt about our emotional need to express that can spiral us from grief into much heavier and darker spaces that are hard to transcend without support.
So should you experience a wave of grief, honor it by breathing into the emotion that’s surfacing to be released, viewing it as a emotional cleansing – and should self judgement rear it’s head acknowledge them but don’t give them energy by investing in them.
As the sun prepares to enter Scorpio it brings up what’s hidden, his Moon may air your disowned thoughts and feelings, much to your ego’s horror. For example, if you pride yourself on being independent you may be shocked to feel needy and dependent. Feel it, let it go and reflect without attaching to anything. Remember, we are everything. If we allow ourselves to be everything, the ego has nothing to hook into – making it bigger by creating a story which creates a drama.

Blessings on your day




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