Moon is now in Cancer, which tends to focus our awareness more on the people around us & how they’re faring than the tasks to be completed. So don’t be surprised if people are less guarded & more willing to share their feelings for the next 48 hours.
The need for emotional connection is heightened during a lunar transit through Cancer, as is our need to belong to something cohesive – a community of people who understand & support us. There is a growing urge to embrace this way of being, exemplifying the positive qualities of Luna as the feminine rises on our planet to create a balance of energetic polarities, both within & without. This includes valuing & embodying traits such as: sharing, caring, inclusivity, support & nurturance for self & other.
Since everything attracts its opposite, just as more people attune to & acknowledge the power of the feminine & the
lunar cycles, there are others so focused on the rational mind, governed by the masculine that they are not just dismissive but actively disseminating fear about ancient feminine wisdom & warning people against the power of
the moon’s influence on our emotions. As with any planetary sphere – there is light & dark (strengths &
shadow traits) which must be understood if we are to be in balance, within our psyche & our interpersonal relations.
Those who have disowned the influence of this planetary sphere will denounce any sign of feeling as weak, the
human need to belong as childish & mystical wisdom as something not to be trusted.
Equally those who overindulge their lunar nature may nurture others to the point of smothering & invest so much
of their energy into feeling the needs of everyone around them that they are unable to identify & honor their own
needs by taking appropriate action.
Regardless of whether you have a lot of Cancer in your natal chart or not, we are all feeling the call of the grandmothers to gather – to remember that we are all in this together & that it is through honing our intuitive nature & weaving together our strengths that we will create a more connected experience of living.
The fastest way to create community is through gathering in circle at new moon when the energy is still & most condusive to meditation & channelling guidance from our collective divine intelligence. In ancient times, the women did this at new moon to bring through intuitive wisdom for themselves & the collective. If you would like to learn
more about this monthly practice, please go to the link

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