Moon is still in Cancer & since the sun is in Scorpio, shining the light of increased awareness on the shadow expression of each sign as we journey around the lunar mandala of constellations – now we are confronted with the degree to which we neglect our needs & the impact of that.

Cancer is the archetypal mother, so regardless of your sun sign (star sign) you may now see your imbalance with how you express this part of yourself – irrespective of whether you have kids. For example, the opposite sign of Cancer is Capricorn (the inner father who provides structure & discipline). So if you have an excess of Mothering energy, you may consistently neglect your own needs by being overly attentive & overnurturing everyone else around you. This is common with clairsentient folk who feel everything everyone is feeling, so feel compelled to respond & make everyone feel better so they can feel better. (Also known as empaths.) This imbalance results in never prioritizing their time or tasks, so their own lives unravel as they neglect their worldly tasks to attend to the never-ending personal needs & domestic chores. They then feel overwhelmed & scared by the world ‘out there’ so their world becomes smaller & more insular, focusing on that which they feel equipped to deal with.

Alternatively, those who have more Capricorn than Cancer in their natal chart may find they’re good at getting organized & getting things done out in the world but tend to neglect their basic needs for health & well being or their emotional needs of both themselves & those closest to them. These are the pragmatists who can dismiss the
importance of the consistent effort needed to maintain their bodies, emotional equilibrium or personal relationships until they hit crises point.
Both are extreme gender polarities within our heart chakra – depending on which parent we have unconsciously sought to emulate. Balancing these inner polarities is the theme of today.


Blessings on your day