The moon has begun waning and passing through void (making no major aspects and about to enter Cancer, the sign of self care. Self care is the foundation of all that we are & all that we do. If self care wanes, all that we’re trying to grow in our lives will suffer.
We live in a culture which is sick in so many ways, this reflects the lack of self care is epidemic!
We all need to learn our own lessons & discern what we do not wish to repeat moving forwards. So if your life is  reflecting a lack of self care, this is a great window to take a moment & pen all the ways you neglected your needs:
– physically
– emotionally
– mentally
– energetically
Why? When the moon is really full (it is still plump)  it’s a time of illumination & we take back our personal power when we acknowledge what’s limiting our growth. That does not mean spiraling down into self blame or guilt which is counter-productive. Only then can we move forwards with strategies to address those self-negating patterns.
To assist step-by-step to anchor self-care strategies I offer my Self Love ‘Goddess Style’ 21 day program you can find it at:
In the meantime, do a stock inventory of what you’re ready to admit is not working for you & say a prayer of surrender to enhance your receptivity to change.

Blessings on your day,