Moon is now in Cancer – a lovely soft & squishy sign that makes it hard to take off bathrobe & put on clothes, let alone leave the house.
Luna is forming a trine to Neptune in Pisces. This will help with dream recall & to access psychic impressions about anything your head has been caught in indecision about during the turbulent headiness of Gemini full moon over the week…but may add to feeling groggy-headed.
(I’ve have released a ‘Good Morning Chakra Workout’ MP3 / Double CD album that includes a 15 min track to do daily dream retrieval to. Here’s the link: )
With the moon still so full of feminine energy now in the sign of the celestial mother, this is a great time to spend in meditative prayer – a big thanks to those of you who directed healing intent to our friends in the New Zealand who endure the natural disaster of volcanic eruption.Our lunar energies are particularly influential today as on top of it being within 3 days of full moon, now in Cancer, the sign ruled by the moon.

Blessings on your day