As Luna waxes to full in Cancer (tomorrow) it’s a good time to reflect upon how your inner child can be better supported – such as regular sharing circles, play dates, massages, counselling session, baths, early nights, home cooked nutritious food at regular times & hugs.

Moon in Cancer is also a good time to be truly grateful for our vulnerabilities… For often our special abilities arise as coping strategies in response to the unmet needs of our inner child. For example, if you didn’t feel safe you may’ve learned to ‘read’ other people & intuit their needs or if you grew up with a lack of faith in your caregivers to meet your needs you may have become a high functioning adult who’s great at organizing everything & everyone driven unconsciously by an anxiety that nothing will be done right if you don’t attend to every detail.

Just like the grain of sand that irritates the shellfish that creates the pearl, our childhood wounds are the catalyst for the pearls of wisdom that become our legacy we share with the world. So love your wound by acknowledging it exists. (We all have wounds, human frailty is universal & it’s part of the ride when one incarnates.)

When we acknowledge our wound we can better share our gifts in a way that honours our core needs.

Blessings on your day,