Happy Full Moon in Cancer Everyone!

To those of you who have experienced illness during the past two weeks as Luna waxed to full in the sign of nurturance – take this as a sign that 2020 needs to be structured so you have more rest, relaxation & self-care…as those who don’t take care of themselves (often because they’re so busy take care of everyone else) often fall in a heap through illness as their only way of stopping to take care of themselves.

Some of you may experience a journey into the Underworld of heavy emotions with this full moon since Cancer evokes the myth of Demeter, the mother & Persephone, the daughter. Since both are active aspects within our psyche – regardless of our gender, you may experience a confrontation with your inner rebel to acknowledge the ways in which you do the opposite of what is truly good for you.

Only we can truly save us from ourselves! If others attempt to rescue us from the Underworld we will only re-create the same lesson until we understand it.

Persephone is the immature part of us that pushes the envelope, to explore life to the fullest – ignoring the soft voice of the inner mother that advises us to get enough rest, eat well, set sustainable limits, exercise, dress sensibly for the weather, hydrate etc etc

The more we try to ‘beat nature’ by ignoring what we truly need to grow the bigger our fall into the Underworld – energetically, emotionally, psychologically & physically.

To take better care of ourselves, we need to examine the underlying needs we are trying to meet in a rebellious way…often to avoid being like our mothers in an effort to assert our own identity. So the more we can accept our mother’s shadow also lives in us, the less we will overcompensate at a risk to ourselves.

Blessings on your day,