Moon is entering the sign of Cancer which can make us feel like we wish we were at home. So…if you’re travelling  you may experience pangs of homesickness or if you’re at work you might be fantasizing about getting home & getting into your sloppiest clothes & curling up on the couch with a cup of tea.

Moon in Cancer (the sign of the crab) can see us retreating into our shell & feeling more emotionally sensitive than usual.

So if you don’t feel very social today or take things to heart, don’t judge yourself or slump into a pit of despair…’tis only our celestial Grandmother, Luna asking us to feel the strengths & vulnerabilities of the constellation, Cancer (regardless of what our natal Sun sign is.)

We are all affected by her luminous light highlighting lesson of the sign she is in…it will affect our mood, whether we ‘believe’ in her influence or not. For we are 70% water & just as she pulls the tides, so too she pulls our moods as she moves through each constellation.

So a lunar transit through Cancer is an invitation to get in touch with your soft underbelly…& this often feels safest at home, surrounded by the people who you feel most ‘at home’ with. The people you can be soft & squishy with – who will not judge you for being emotionally sensitive or sentimental. So…try not to harden your shell to avoid feeling vulnerable…instead own your feelings, share your feelings & only retreat from those incapable of honouring them but above all have compassion for them. For those who shame other’s sensitivities are most afraid of their own.

Blessings on your day




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