Moon in Cancer

Jul 9, 2021

Today’s Luna Guidance for Moon in Cancer

Moon is now in Cancer, however the time of the dark moon phase is not until 11.16am tomorrow EST (Aus). To convert into your local time click here

So…we’re in the final hours of the lunar cycle, a time of very low emotional energy. A time when you may feel very inward and because it’s in the sign of Cancer which governs home you may not want to leave the house.

If we consider the positive expressions of Cancer: creating community to feel a sense of belonging to something greater and accessing support to sustain giving to others. As well as virtues like patience, allowance, acceptance, nurturance and unconditional love…well, today it might be a challenge to find and express those qualities, given this is when we are most likely to express the dark side of the Mother. Witholding, punishing, burn out, destroying what we’ve created, judgement and separation.

You may see the shadow side of your own mother – literally or coming out through your own words and actions. If this happens, try placing your hand on your heart and breathe in and out of your heart the word, ‘acceptance’. This helps us to move into our heart and accept ‘what is’ rather than fighting what’s happening which is when we generate conflict within and without. (I’m not saying accept abuse) as I know there’ll be posts in reaction to that statement, what I am advocating is when we move into an acceptance of reality in a moment that really challenges us it opens us up to express what we are really feeling rather than stay dry, inflexible and brittle in the mind. By feeling the emotion, we can then move through the experience and not stay stuck in defensive judgement of what is.

Remember, every part of this ride is just so we can observe ourselves and become more aware, rather than righteous judgement of others. So if you see your dark mother today, identify where and how you need more support, more self acceptance, more time with friends and family, more support from community so you can take action on creating this the rest of this lunar month.

You may contract today (go into your shell, like the crab)…that’s okay. Be gentle and honoring of your emotional need for security today (and those around you). But remember we can only express the positive traits of the mother (regardless of our gender or whether we have kids) if we first extend those traits to ourselves. So this is a day for extreme kindness towards oneself which will flow out to others.

Gain more insight into the celestial energies currently initiating us. Watch my latest Planetary Wisdom preview here.

Blessings on your day,




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