Moon in Cancer

Nov 23, 2021

Today’s Lunar Guidance for Moon in Cancer

Moon is now waning in Cancer – a lovely soft and squishy sign that makes it hard to take off bathrobe and put on clothes, let alone leave the house. 

With the moon full of feminine energy now in the sign of the celestial mother, this is a great time to spend in meditative prayer.

Community is one of the most important teachings of the constellation of Cancer, which is governed by the illumination of Grandmother Moon. So it was that the grandmothers taught that our true wealth is found in our circle of friends and family. 

Our inner circle holds us through our life transitions like a basket of woven intentions formed over many years, reminding us of our strength when we feel like a basket case! Around that are the concentric circles of our greater community that ripple out through degrees of separation, extending to every member of our global family. This is why one of the sacred symbols for Gaia (Mother Earth), is three concentric circles. For it is when we have the support of a strong circle in our lives, that our growth is accelerated. Community knits our collective gifts so we are equally strong, dispelling the need for competition. So treasure the threads you have woven around yourself today, knowing were it to unravel, your nerves would fray along with it.

Definitely a day to tend to your needs and know when to retreat, rather than smother or micro- manage those around you or you might bear the brunt of their bark. (Please note: this is regardless of your personal sign – although those of you with moon in Cancer may find this especially so.) 

Moon in Cancer is also a good time to ask for a hug, moon bathe and snuggle with hot chocolate and your favourite book.

Just as we are changing, so are our relationships. 

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Blessings on your day,




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