Moon in Cancer

Dec 21, 2021

Today’s Lunar Guidance for Moon in Cancer

The moon is now waning in Cancer…the sign the moon governs, making this a lovely time to bask in the feminine. 

So what is the feminine? 

And does it really exist after 5000 years of oppression in both men and women? 

Fortunately you can’t keep a good gal down…unless it’s of her own choosing (sounds like a ‘Carry On’ script.) 

How to Illuminate La Luna’s Magic Light:

Since the moon is a feminine energy, the more we connect with the lunar cycle, the more we strengthen our feminine gifts (men as well as women).

Developing these gifts will ensure we reap a personal harvest of soul fulfilling relationships, health on all levels and wisdom to ensure we don’t take life too seriously. 

So let’s define the strengths of the feminine energy polarity, as it’s much easier to embody something once you’ve identified it: 

  • the ability to rest and reflect on our experiences to identify our lesson 
  • honouring our sensitivities so our heart is open to feeling and expressing 
  • initiating community based initiatives to generate mutual support 
  • nurturing our needs so we have the energy to nurture and sustain life 
  • communion with the sacredness of all life 
  • understanding and connecting with the natural cycles 
  • channelling our energy creatively to birth our inspiration in the physical world 
  • developing our subtle senses so we can perceive and create with grace 
  • seeking to acknowledge and accept with compassion that which has been disowned or rejected appreciating beauty in both the expected and unexpected

May we collectively honour and grow these traits!

Blessings on your day,


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