The moon is still waning in Cancer so this is a time when kindness will erode the hard shell of those afraid to connect with their feelings…regardless of their sign. Why?

When the moon moves through this sign, the nature of Cancer is evoked in all of us & we’re simultaneously challenged with the lessons of this sign & have greater access to its strengths.

To embody the strengths it helps to have a clear idea of what they are.

So what are the strengths?

– kind & caring
– nurturing
– community-minded
– can hold & support others emotionally
– encourage others to grow
– receptive & intuitive

Since every sign has a polar opposite, if we’re not embodying the strengths of the opposite sign, we’re likely to embody more of the shadow traits. So what are the shadow traits of Cancer?

– needy & dependent
– smothering towards others
– fearful
– moody
– addictive
– live in the past rather than the present

If you have a lot of Cancer in your birth chart, or a lot of planets in the 4th house which Cancer rules & not a lot of Capricorn you may find this quite a challenge.

Basically, Cancer is the polarity of the mother & it’s opposite, Capricorn is the polarity of the father.

So for our ‘inner mother’ to feel emotionally stable, safe and supported our ‘inner father’ needs to provide strong & dependable structures that can hold us which support our growth rather than feeling oppressive. Healthy discipline is also key so we don’t allow our emotions to rule us.

Blessing on your day,

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