Moon is in Capricorn so you may feel sensitive to the impact of the ‘dark father’ upon our planet today. We are living in transition times, when it can feel as if the state of world is overwhelming.

This can lead to feelings of paralysis, especially during a lunar transit in Capricorn. As the oppressive influence of Saturn, (the ruling planet of Capricorn) can cause depression…not as an overly emotive state but as a form of inertia – lacking the will to move like a rock.

This awareness of the shadow on a global scale can put us into duality & separation seeing some as good & others as evil. It is therefore good to remember that even those who have perpetrated acts upon the innocent are playing a role in the Divine Plan. They are akin to the grain of sand that catalyzes the suffering necessary for our getting of wisdom so we may become the pearl. For it is only when things are in crises that we are moved to take action.

Let us not forget that the moon is rising to full in Aquarius, the sign of the Rainbow Warrior who dawns a new day…(& on a good note, this transit can strengthen our foundations & commitment so we’re solid like a rock!)

Blessings on your day,


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