Moon in Capricorn

Feb 17, 2023

Today’s Lunar Guidance for Moon in Capricorn.

Moon is now in Capricorn, this means the issue of ‘responsibility’ may now take center stage in your household or workplace.

For instance, you may feel as if you bear all the responsibility & others bear none…or you provide all the structure & others undermine that by not upholding it (this will be exacerbated if you have Cappy moon, sun or rising sign in your birth chart).

If you don’t have much Capricorn in your chart, you may feel those who do, are oppressing you with their stern authority and overbearing rules.

Remember we create conflict when we polarize, so if you are experiencing tension around such issues, initiate an open & frank conversation with clear requests to ensure everyone is heard and an agreement for moderation reached.

These are classic father issues, so if you notice you have an interaction with someone which results in your thermometer of inner heat rising, ask yourself ‘how is this similar to how I felt with Dad?’

Once you identify the story, you can step outside of it & examine it, without the same intensity of emotion to fuel it.

Ultimately, the way to diffuse this potential bomb from exploding in your face today, is to name the shadow & NOT just the other person’s.

The key is to acknowledge our own part in the dance.

For instance, why are you overdoing, overworking, controlling others, or being a strict enforcer of rules?

What are you afraid of if you don’t continue these behaviors?

We can become so good at doing everything, that those around us accommodate our compulsive need to ‘do’.

So what then gives us the right to scapegoat those we love?

Being responsible, is to be accountable. 

Blessings on your day,



PS – The daily moon blog will be ending on 20th February 2023.

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