Moon is entering Capricorn from void of course today so this is a good window to be industrious as Capricorn helps us apply the discipline we need to finish a job or create a breakthrough from an oppressive situation. Combine that with the Sun transiting through Virgo, the sign of work and attending to details and it’s also a good time for dealing with any gnarly tasks you may have been putting off.

Capricorn transits encourage us to take responsibility for the state of our lives, applying structured goals so we can get through what may seem insurmountable, by breaking it into a step-by-step plan.

Those who have unresolved father issues may find this a challenging time. (Cappy is ruled by Saturn, the Dark Father). This influence can evoke the strict disciplinarian, whose overarching rules may oppress and restrict rather than create healthy boundaries with a supportive structure. This can also take the form of inflicting punitive punishment on others in an effort to regain control… often in a way that is harsher than the crime. (Not a good time for facing a judge!) So, by all means follow through on the need for discipline but balance it with love! And if you feel like you’re going to snap and hurt your kids – lock yourself in your room and have a cry to discharge the emotion you might otherwise take out on them.

Blessings on your day,