Moon is still in Capricorn folks. Whilst Capricorns are lovely folk – when the moon is in Cappy, regardless of our birth sign we can all feel the need to police others with stern reminders about the rules – or end up on the receiving end!

It is therefore a good time to remember we are all our own authority figures.  We are each born with a conscience – an inner knowing that intuits what is heart centered, honouring conduct & what is not – regardless of civil laws or committee decisions.

Those that feel the need to police the behaviour of others usually focus on the wrong doings of others to unconsciously avoid looking at their own shadow, thus taking the moral high ground to prove their ‘goodness’ to themselves by comparison.

Be not intimidated by those whose self worth is so low they need to make others wrong in order to feel they are all right.

Blessings on your day,