Today Luna is in Capricorn.

So what today may offer…Cappy can bring up issues with authority, especially father figures – be they the stern father who we’ve internalized as an ‘inner critic’, our biological Dad, step-Dad, father of our kids or a boss or teacher who we’ve projected father figure on to & try hard to win their approval & feel mad at them if they don’t notice us.

Today’s energy may cause us to feel extra sensitive to anything any of the above folk say to us today & we are also likely to feel extra sensitive to both their actions or lack of action & how that’s impacting on us.

Knowing this, we can take precautions to not put ourselves in harm’s way by trying to discuss touchy issues today with those we have father issues with, knowing the influences aren’t supportive of a favorable outcome.

Instead, consider your options & what you can do to regain your inner sense of authority. We do this by identifying how much we give our power to others by investing too much concern for their opinion or attaching too much importance to the significance of their actions.

Blessings on your day & if all else fails, ‘duck & cover’ with a good movie & a cup of tea in bed.


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