Moon is waxing in Capricorn so you may find your mood gets a wee serious since Cappy is ruled by Saturn…which is kind of like the strict rule keeper or serious authoritarian taking the helm internally.

You may also feel down as you feel the imposed restrictions of your perceived limitations – whether that’s health, finances or the weight of your responsibilities.

This is because Saturn is the planet that introduces challenges that require we mature to meet them. So if there is some area of your life where you have not been taking responsibility, chances are, you’ll notice the karmic outcome of that being a bother during a Capricorn transit.

So, do create an action plan to amend your ways rather than slump into inertia which is a shadow trait of Capricorn.

In the meantime, do what you can to lighten up so you don’t become a cumulonimbus in shoes raining on the parade of everyone you meet. Be that reading the daily funnies, seeing the ridiculous side of your own failings or putting pastrami in your shoes.. (inspired by Steve Martin’s live stand-up circa 1975).

Blessings on your day,