The moon is still briefly waxing in Capricorn before entering void of course (no major planetary aspects) and by the end of the day entering Aquarius, causing us to examine how well we respond to challenges.
This is because Capricorn is the sign of responsibility, which is simply the degree to which we respond to what we encounter. i.e…do we deny what is, do we abdicate our ability to act to someone else, do we distract ourselves for fear of making the wrong judgement call?
The more we practice staying present when challenged, the easier it becomes to respond rather than react. This is only possible if we learn to truly hold ourselves from within rather than collapsing internally & seeking a saviour outside ourselves.
To assist with this, try closing your eyes & seeing yourself sitting in an Onyx crystal egg (onyx is a very protective black crystal which helps us to ground & feel secure.) By anchoring this state of feeling held by a crystalline structure, we are less prone to dissolve into overwhelm, which can lead to latching on to that which doesn’t serve us in the moment to get a sense of temporary support – such as substances or people.
It is interesting that studies show those who experienced trauma in utero are more likely to become addicts due to not feeling held by a safe structure in the womb, causing them to seek out reassurance & comfort externally.
Out of balance Capricorn swings to the shadow of the opposite sign which is Cancer – so look at what structures you can put in pace to hold your vulnerabilities during this moon transit as this will better support your emotional well being.

Blessings on your day,