The moon is waxing in Capricorn today so perhaps not the best day for a run if your knees are an area of weakness. Cappy rules our bones & joints so they can get a bit niggly when the moon transits through this sign, particularly in the colder weather for those of you in the Northern hemisphere.
Cappy moon can cause us to feel a bit serious & even gloomy,especially once again those of you in the Northern hemisphere who’ve just entered the darkest lunar month of the year, so do whatever it takes to focus on the light to cheer your Spirits, such as lighting fires, candles & laughter with friends. For those in the Southern hemisphere, you may find yourself burning the candle at both ends by overworking (especially if this was modelled by your Dad) since we’re now approaching the
Summer Solstice – the time of overt masculine energy & Capricorn is the sign of the father. (If your feminine side is feeling fried & you’re residing in Victoria, Australia consider joining me for a day in the Red Tent overlooking the ocean at Ocean Grove to regain your equilibrium – details below.)
Cappy moon is however a good time to get practical things done around the house. This is also a good day to organize holiday events, delegating where possible to ensure all the details are tended to so you don’t end up martyring yourself. This is also a good time to do Xmas shopping if you don’t want to overspend, since Capricorn is the most disciplined when it comes to spending.

Blessings on your day,